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cure #1 question

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Will adding cure #1 to backwoods seasoning packet make the batch of sausage too salty.    Or, should I just mix my own blend to control salt content.

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At a rate of 1 teaspoon per 5 pounds of ground meat, I doubt you will notice a difference...JJ

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Thanks.   Just wanted a second opinion before I took a chance.   I made 5lbs of LEM Cajun sausage that I added green onions to and family is attacking it hard.   I want to smoke some next.    I've made up four flavors so far. Sweet Italian, Bratwurst, Cajun and Breakfast.  I'm trying to figure out what everybody likes most then make a big batch.

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MAKE SURE, the mix you are using does not already have Cure, Sodium Nitrite, already mixed in. Some companies keep the cure in a separate pack and some mix it with the seasoning...The Cured sausage can be smoked starting at 130° then raised every hour in 10° increments to 170° and cooked to an internal temp of 150°. They can be eaten without further cooking. Uncured sausage, Italian, Brats, etc, have to be hot smoked, 225°+, to an IT of 165°F before eating...JJ

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