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You used a single 3" exhaust stack..... Feldon's called for a 4" exhaust stack... You need 2 -- 3" exhaust stacks or 1 -- 4" exhaust stack to get the proper draw..... ALSO... looks like you do not have enough air into the FB....
Makes me wonder about the FB/CC opening, under the RF plate and end of the RF plate.....

What are the numbers you did use for all the measurements......
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Fb/cc opening is 5 tall by 16 wide under the plate and end opening arre the same I thought my stack may not be producing enough draw because the fire is hot and burned several hours but whatever I did couldn't get a consistent draw through the cc and out the exhaust
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How much flow was coming out the exhaust stack.... it appears the exhaust is too small.... as long as there are no other obstructions hindering the air flow.... What happens when you open the FB door... maybe just a bit....
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When I first lit the charcoal was getting good smoke out of the exhaust for 30 min are so came back later no visible smoke. I opened fb door good fire burning threw a chunk of wood on it closed one side vent completely. Almost immediately got good smoke flowing again left came back later no smoke . Put my hand above the exhaust could just barely feel warm air. After I closed exhaust fire died down but was still burning good came back an hour later fb was still hot but cc chamber had cooled down a lot and no smoke out of exhaust
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I never tried just opening the door slightly to see if that would help. I would just open it check to see if charcoal was still burning then close it .I actually thought the fire had died the cc was so cool but burned good the whole time. Probably still burning but had to leave work to pick up my kids.
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Could you post some pics of it while you have a fire going, FB pics CC pics stack etc.  You are not getting proper air flow,  Is there a space below your charcoal and wood for the air to get under ?



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Sorry Gary I didn't take any pics of it when fire was going. I fired it up at lunch and only check on it a few times while working this afternoon. There is 3 in from bottom of charcoal basket to bottom of fb with the 2 in dia vents placed in the center of that 3 in.
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The smoker you have takes an hour or better to equilibrate ... There's a lot of steel in there.....
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Thanks Dave I may have rushed it a bit being I was at work and it was coooold outside still thinking about swapping to 4 inch pipe tomorrow and trying it again this weekend.
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