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Which gasser to get for my first?

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I've been learning on an ECB that I did a bunch of mods on. I've just about worn it out and now want to get a gasser. I've been researching the Camp Chef 18" Vault, Landmann 34" Smokey Mountain and the Masterbuilt Two Door. I'm leaning toward the Vault. I don't need a bigger one - small family/gatherings.

Any other recommendations I should check out?

Any recommended mods to the vault? Regardless of what I get, I'm considering getting a cast iron pan for the wood chunks, replacing the regulator with a Bayou Classic M5HPR-1 10 PSI, and definitely getting a Maverick ET732.
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The search bar at the top of the page is awesome. Just type in the smoker name and model. I don't have any experience with any of those so I can't help. This website has the best search engine I have ever seen for a cooking site.

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Will do!  Thanks.

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I'm in the same boat as Timberjet. So I would also say spend some time reading the reviews. It will save you some heart ace latter.

Happy smoken.


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I have used my In-laws vertical Char-Broil Propane Smoker.


It has a hard time getting down to 225°F in warm weather.  This requires the "needle valve" mod, or you find the delicate spot between High and Off on the factory dial.  With this you will probably want to build a heat shield around the legs to keep the wind from blowing the flame out.  Putting water in the water pan helps absorb some of the heat by evaporating the water.  You will get a large temperature spike when the water runs dry, which is about once an hour.  If you put room temp. water back into the pan you get a large temperature dip until the water heats back up.  The needle valve takes this pain out of the equation.


User scott??? (i'm not sure of his entire name) mounted a AMN(P)S below the burner.  This will use the updraft to take the smoke into the chamber, without having to put chips/chunks into the pan.  This will produce smoke much longer and more consistent.  People also mount a mailbox onto the side of the chamber & put an AMN(P)S in that to give the same result.



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Make sure that 18" is wide enough for you. I've got a GOSM 16 and IMO it's too narrow for briskets. I've crammed them in there, but they touch the sides and I  have problems with the cooking evenly. Full racks of ribs need to be cut in half too. 18" is better, but may not be enough. If I was getting another gasser, I'd go with at least 24". 

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Thanks for the advice. I poured over the pages I found in the forums here and I'm going with the 18" Vault. I think it will be big enough since my smokes aren't huge. Wings, ham or chicken maybe ribs. I'll definitely try a butt or shoulder in the vault!

t'll be delivered next weekend. I'll post more as get it going.
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I use the 24" vault and love it. I was unsure wy I would need the bigger one and am glad i opted for it. Rib racks fit iin easily and theres always froom for e to add/ try out new sides or chef treats while iim doing my regular smokes.
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I'll second that. The 24" will allow you to put full racks of ribs or a full packet brisket on without having to trim them. I have had my Great Outdoor Smoke Mountain for over ten years. I only use it now for sausage and jerky.

Get yourself a good digital remote therm. The stock ones are always off. Look at the maverick 732 or 733 or the iGrill2.
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Great. I got the Maverick 732 and a Bayou Classic regulator with an inline valve. Lookin forward to getting it goin!
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i got the 24" camp chef and im more than happy with it, after 11 briskets i learned a bit about how to keep the temp and add chunks every "x" time. Honestly in my case i spent about 2 months reading reviews and all kind of info and seems that the Vault is one of the best for your money. You can check amazon reviews, everyone loves it. Got mine from ebay for $249 shipped and was drop ship from Camp Chef. get the 24", so you will have that extra space.

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I have a Masterbuilt 2 door gasser which I assume is 18".   Should I have gone bigger?   Not really for I really don't smoke that much beef or pork and what I do, I can fit pretty easy in the smoker.  I seem to smoke more poultry in it.   I will say that my gasser is spent more time cold smoking butter, cheese, salt, etc.


My love is smoking  King Salmon that my wife catches,  in my two Big Chiefs at very low temps which the gasser cannot do.


Oh and when I am doing beef, pork, poultry, etc, I have the AMNPS or AMNPS in a cage under the burner.  No wood in the chip tray.  Thumbs Up

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I got my 18" Vault! Easy to assemble but I had problems with the alignment of the burner valve and the front panel. Couldn't get the screws and dial on without bending the front panel and shimming the burner drum. I got past that. I'm now seasoning and taking data.

image.jpg 367k .jpg file

There's a bit of slop in the burner knob. When I set at MED (the knob arrow at the E), I can move the knob to the M and D with no movement of the actual valve.

Anyway, I'm running empty with a tray of water, side vents partially closed and using maverick dual probe temp monitors I'm getting:

(upper, mid, lower rack)
264, 248, 212 Knob arrow at M (on medium)
235, 219, 185 Knob arrow at E (on medium)
219, 205, 180 Knob arrow at D (on medium)

I'm considering the Bayou Classic regulator with a needle valve for finer adjustment but I'm concerned about putting the 10psi regulator on it. From some of what I've read here, the needle valve can be difficult to dial in because of the 10psi and the regulator rated for 55,000 - 80,00 BTU. The Vault burner is only 18,000 BTU.

I think I can manage with data above. I also can't wait to take data with some meat inside to see how the top to bottom temp changes
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Just figured out how to embed the pic:

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Nice looking smoker

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Flavor, yes the dial knob has some movement on mine too, is about 3mm i just found where is the perfect spot to get 225(around the E letter of thr MED. Mine is a 24" vault). Enjoy the smoker. Just learn how to adjust it, a small move to left or rigth will change the temp. Try to make a mark on the chrome ring of the knob so it will be easy to you where is the correct spot.
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bbqpit7 - that's just what i found out by playing with it. i was able to dial in my temps pretty good.  took quite a bit of data so i'm ready.  takes a bit of feel for the know though.  i was even able to recover temps quickly after I opened the door to add water/wood.  increased the knob to between med and hi until the mid rack temps hit 200, then backed it down to my target setting (E on MED).  The Vault cruised to 228 and stopped!


thanks for confirming the issue and the recommendation!

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