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Naked Riblets

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I just could not wait I had to try my newly insulated MES30. While the folks in New England dug them self's out It was 29 in central Virginia. The sun was out and it was going to top out at 39. It took 30 minutes to heat to 245. I think the Insulation worked.

Saturday the local Martins (giant foods) had some riblets at 2.99 per lb. Not a bad price .


I set up two probe to see just how much of a difference there was from the left side to the right. The probes were 1 Auber and one Taylor on the hot side


I started my pellets out with a 30 second burn on the bottom then a 30 or 45 second on the front. Then I placed it in a pan and used a 800 watt hair dryer on low for 30 or 45 seconds When it started to roar I turned the blower off. I also used a air deflector to help it out.


After I got the box up to temp I was surprised to find the temperature had evened out from the left to the right. I adjusted it down to 231 and smoked them naked for 3 hours. I took  it's temperature and it was 175 or there abouts. They went back in for another hour and I pulled them at about 183. I have been told you cannot check them by temp. I do riblets that way but not spares.

Left side



Right side








After the box got hot the Velcro adhesive let lose so I will have to think about that.


All in all it was a good cook Next time I will do a side by side evaluation use the 3-2-1 type method and the naked approach.  Jted

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They look TASTY! That is proof you can smoke in cold weather.

Happy smoken.


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Very nice   looking good



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Good looking ribs.  I also like the clothes pin holding the thermo probs.  Good idea.

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They look great! There is no reason you can't measure the IT of ribs, if you wish, but because they are so thin and if smoking at higher temps, the therm may show they should be done, say 200°, but they are not tender because there was not sufficient time for the large amount of Collagen to dissolve and allow the ribs to become tender...JJ

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Looks wonderful from foggy washington!

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