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Man that was crazy. Freezing temps and no blanket. 25 lbs of charcoal burned and two smallish bags of hickory chunks. Put 15 more lbs of charcoal to go to the finish. I wanted to do a long burn on the TMV just to do one but they really need to be full or its cheaper to eat out.
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Looking good, long night 



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Ok 40 lbs of hickory charcoal down. Maybe 15 lbs wood chunks too. I actually went to work and left the damned thing because I got pissed off after a while. So I come home and grab a very blunt knife and put it in the meat... butter.

Damned if I am doing this again.

Well after eating some pieces the spices are special. Most def will redo the recipe. I will just cook on an electric or wsm. Those tmv are too big for small cooks. But this is some of the most rendered pork I have had in a while for sure.
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