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First Bacon Attempt

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OK, so the bacon is going in the smoker in about half an hour.  It's cured in a couple of ziplocs in the fridge for the past nine days following this recipe:


I wasn't able to get a five pound block, but I did get two 2-1/2 pound blocks, so instead of the red pepper, cumin, and paprika, I substituted The Meat Guy's Almighty Spice, which is a white-meat rub of things like rosemary, parsley, basil, sage etc on one, and Stake Spice on the other, which is, well, a dark meat rub, garlic, red pepper, onion, things like that.


Pre-smoking, first cut for saltiness check:


Almighty Spice:



Stake Spice:



I've got a bunch of apple "Smoke Wood" blocks, outside air temp is 39 degrees, time to get started. 


More in 6 hours or so

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It has been more than 6 hours. :th_crybaby2:

Happy smoken.


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Oops, left it in a little long, didn't I?  :icon_eek:


Yup, it came out pretty well, I had a bit of concern over the color, but my wife helped set me straight, and I did a cautious taste test, not dead yet. 


Anyway, I wish my pork butt picked up that much smoke flavor, made a BLT last night that tasted like it just needed a bit of BBQ sauce on it.  I've got it in the freezer firming up right now so I can get some decent thin slices off of it, I'll try and get some pics up in a few hours (days?)



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did you cold smoke your bacon?

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