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new UDS build!!

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i just picked up my drum last week, scored a food grade for $10, going to burn it out and then have it sand blasted, also looking for a weber donor grill for the racks and lid, any tips and tricks you all can share to help me along, what kind of paint do some of you use for the outside thanks in advanced.

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I look forward to seeing your UDS build. Keep an eye on Craigslist for a good price on a kettle. I used rattle can high temp on mine. Spend a little time in the UDS section looking around.

Happy smoken.


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Well the build has started!
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welcome to the addiction. Can't build just one. Lots of info in the threads here. My issue was finding too many good ideas and picking through them. I'm building me 2nd now. Did you drill your inlet holes before the burnout? If not you'll have a bit not burned off to clean at the bottom and lower sides. 

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Yes the intake holes are drilled
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Keep the pics coming.

Happy smoken.


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The drum after the burnout, the fire didn't do much to the red liner so it's off to the media blaster tomorrow

The coal basket, 13" diameter, 12" tall, still have to add the legs
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Read a lot about those red liners. Been lucky myself not to get one
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I have read good and bad about those liners, hoping some high speed sand takes care of it
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one question i do have is my basket to tall and too small in diameter?, i made it out of the charcoal grate from a 18" weber.

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It should be fine with some bolts for legs.
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Should be fine. Mine is 13" tall and I believe 14" diameter.

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That is the same size as mine. It will be fine. Here is mine to give you some ideas. I highly recommend an ash pan.

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I use high temp spray paint. You can get it in the big box stores or a paint store. Black has worked best and silver worked well too.
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Got the paint for my first one at an auto parts store. High temp engine paint. Getting my current project powder coated when is done
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picking up a donor weber tonight, any good ideas to make the lid fit if its a little too small for the drum lip?

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You can either cut the lower kettle lip off of the weber and weld it into your drum or use flashing and attatch it with rivets, bolts etc. That is what I have seen people do here. If you have access to a welder or better yet a buddy who welds that is the way to go. There is lots of information on this website on all kinds of UDS builds.

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well the lid is just a smidge too small, i think riveting a strip of aluminum along the inside will do the trick, i will also look into welding the two lids together and another option

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well im scrapping my original barrel, not dealing with the liner, found a clean unlined one for 10 bucks and will have it blasted for 25 this should also help me get it done faster. 

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got my barrel back from blasting and it turned out great, one question i have is do i need to burn it? it was blasted inside and out.

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