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Can't tell you how much I appreciate the compliments.  Everything I have incorporated into the smoker I learned by reading this forum.  Dave's advice, not only to me but to others, has been invaluable.  The RF calculator along with the circle calculator were great helps.  There are no new ideas here I just took from others what looked like it work for my build.  I read the posts, studied the pictures, listened to the advice and collected ideas for nearly a year before I had the confidence to start.  I would like to thank this forum for all the input.


The pipe I used is a piece of scrap I found at my local scrap yard.  It is 24 inches long, 24 inches in diameter and is 1/4 inch steel wall. I decided incorporate the ability to level the cook chamber from reading a thread where they were discussing the importance of heat flow and having a level cook chamber.  I don't know if it is necessary but it was easy to do at this stage so I did it.  I have about a 4 inch lip extending from the top of the FB into the CC to carry the heat into the CC and I plan on placing the RF plate a few inches above that.


I bought a 4 food piece of the same 1/4 wall pipe and if this one works I hope to build a second one using what I learn on my first. 

I will post more pictures as I progress.      


Again thanks for the nice words



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Great  looking build!  One issue I'm wrestling with in my design is the height of the food grate surface above ground (trying to sort out wheels or casters and width/cog).  Would you mind measuring the height of your cook surface above ground?


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My patio build has a food grate height of 36 in 

pneumatic casters from harbor freight like 15$ pc 

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Thanks.  By your response, I gather you are doing another.  Pictures?


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I put mine at 40".  I wanted it a little higher than my kitchen counter which is 36".  I may be sorry later but only time will tell. 

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With the pre-fabbed  HD-aluminum frame I'm using, depending on wheel/mounting choice, I may be as high as 44" and that is too high IMHO.  I've got to find some solutions.  Don't want to abandon the frame as it comes with other goodies.


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A little more progress made this weekend.

I haven't welded in the reverse flow plate because I am waiting until I configure my drain tube then I will weld it all up at once.  I am trying to decide on a size for my drain tube.  I am thinking of using 1" gas pipe.  Any thoughts on whether that is large enough or not would be appreciated.

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Man   That's looking better and better   good job



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One inch will work fine and valves will be easy to find. You will really be happy with that smoker, it really is looking great!
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this is a great looking rig. hurry up and burn it in so we can get some Qview off it!

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Nearly done, I just need to build the latches for the fire box and CC and paint it.  I may run a test to see how it holds temperature before I do the painting.  Here are some pictures of the progress.


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Nice !!   Looking good



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Thanks Gary,  I am close enough to done that I bought 2 racks of baby back ribs I'm scouring the forum for instructions on how to cook them.

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