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19 hr Butt

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Just pulled it out and foiled it, wrapped in towels and now resting for a few hrs.  put it in last night (1-24-15) and let it sit over night in the MES 40 with AMAZEN smoker for 19 hours.  set it at 177 and cranked it up to 220 with about 5 hrs remaining pulled it out at internal temp of 185 ish.  I snagged a piece as it was falling apart when I took it out.  Was a bit difficult keeping the pellets lit until I took the wood chip tray all the way out.  That got enough O2 in there for the pellets, the cold Wisconsin weather didn't help much.  All in all this is the best yet.  Couldn't have done it without all the help from the great people on the forum here with all the great posts. 


Tackling ribs and full chicken next weekend! 



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It looks good. 

Happy smoken.


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Looks great! You are the man! There is NO way I spend 19 hours smoking anything! (I don't think)

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Looks Fantastic, Good job



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I love it, I plan my butts to take a day. Sometimes they surprize me but not too often. You'll always be rewarded with low and slow. No stress, no worry, lots of time to comtemplate the origin of the universe.


I usually just set mine of the counter and cover with a dish towel. Just make sure no one can see it sitting there while cooling and reconstituting....LOL


You can find hotter and faster, but to me smoking is about relaxing, watching the grass grow, laughing at the neighbor shoveling his snow, thinking about what a great day it is when the you can barely see the smoke wafting out the vent and you notice your drink is empty.


Aaaaaa....... its a great way to feed the troops!

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What Foamheart said.  X2

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X3 here. Great looking Butt.

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Perfection takes time !



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