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MES Problems

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I went to warm my 30" MES, I wanted to warm it to take out and clean the racks. I set it for 250 and it warmed up good. Started smoking bad, so I opened it up and had a small flame behind the element and thouht maybe some drippings so I put a little water on it. There was a spot behind the cover over the chip tray that started glowing white hot. I unplugged it and now it will not get hot. Did my element burn out? Is it hard to replace ir should I trash it?
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First you don't put out grease fires with water. I would guess the water may have killed the element. Call Masterbuilt Monday. They will probable send you a replacement.

Happy smoken.


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Thanks David,

i wasn't thinking. Shorted element is what I thought but wanted to ask someone who might have known.

Happy Smoking To You As Well
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Sorry to hear about your smoker, Fire, Grease, Electrical and Water  not a good combination 



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