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I am a newb to making sausage and I see alot of differant spices being used.

Is there a list somewhere for a newb?

Also where does everyone buy them. Local or online?
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Originally Posted by c farmer View Post

I am a newb to making sausage and I see alot of differant spices being used.

Is there a list somewhere for a newb?

Also where does everyone buy them. Local or online?

Good thread start Adam ! Good to know info ! icon14.gif
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Penzey's mostly.
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If its sausage, I sort of fished around last year and this is what I came up with. Each sausage has a predominate flavor/spice.



Sausage flavors

Fennel- Italian

Thyme/Cayenne - Cajun

Garlic- kielbasa (Polish)

Sage- breakfast or country

Paprika- chorizo or mexican

Corriander- hot dogs

Garlic- Liver- boudin- braunschweiger??


As to specifics like Pastrami, you know juniper (the gin flavor), is there but those are all seen in different recipes around the boards.


I actually get mine from McCormick or Butchers and Packers or The Ingredient Store (AmesPhos) or the grocery store for Dryed MIlk


After our site here, Ipoli is my #2 research site. <Chuckles> I wish it would add a search engine.....LOL




Please note the Terms & Conditions and respect their rights.


Hope it helps guys. It did me.


There is just so much to grasp at once, I found it was best to do what I liked first and get good at it, like smoking a nekkid chicken. You'll have times when you have extra ground meat (really you will), I make it a point to have a mystery sausage recipe spices needed for those cases. I am not burning the house down with sausages. My time responsibilities changed sizably 6 months ago and I have been slowed down on sausages. I have a freezer full of double cryo-packed butts too!


I want to learn more about the grind and can't find squat about the things, I don't know about bologna and I am only guessing about hamburger. I would like to learn. I am guessing its another one of those dang procesing/grinding/curing for dumbies 101 books. I wonder if you can get 'em on cassette?

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CF, there are oodles of spices depending on what you are making. I  buy my spices locally from stores that sell bulk, it is much cheaper than buying pre-packaged spices at the local supermarket. You can buy in small quantities and put in in your own jars when you get home.

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Check out "The Spice House" online for smoked or hot Paprika, dried peppers, pepper powders, etc. 

Good stuff.


For bulk NFDM, Soy protein, Dextrose, Cure #1 & #2 and casings, I use B&P or The Sausage maker. 

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Originally Posted by Foamheart View Post


Corriander- hot dogs

Heh, I blundered into that once. I had been experimenting with seasoning brines for pork loins, and one time I added aromatics including coriander. I got a pork loin that tasted like a hot dog.

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......Click on pics to enlarge.....

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Great charts Dave. I'm saving those.

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Really good info Dave.

Happy smoken.


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Hey Farmer,

I have been using the following web site for a long time to buy in bulk and package sausage seasoning's, they specialize in AC Leggs, which in my opinion is about the best breakfast sausage recipes available.

Most butcher shops here in the south (Tenn) use it. 

Their prices are very reasonable.:icon_biggrin:




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I've used this outlet for years...  always happy with the quality and great customer service....  It's a Penzy's operation...




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I've been using PS Seasoning lately and have been happy with their packaged blends (Andouille, bratwurst, 7 pepper hotsticks, etc).  They also sell individual spices, but I have not purchased any of those.  When I need individual spices, I go to a local store that sells bulk spices - I really should compare the local store prices with PS prices and see how that comes out.



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I find the best prices at health food stores that sell bulk.

Happy smoken.


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Ya know, we should have known to ask Dave.....LOL


A wealth of knowledge.

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PS Seasonings for me,,,, Great chart Dave 



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Thanks for the comments.

Does anyone have like a starter kit?
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Originally Posted by alelover View Post

Great charts Dave. I'm saving those.

Me too. Thanks dave.

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I buy mine at the local market in 2 oz containers. That's why I am flat broke;. Hahahahaha...... Unfortunately all too often true. Note to self, plan ahead, buy in bulk.

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There's a local Mennonite run store near here that sells spices in bulk and they're super inexpensive.

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