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Refridge shelf life

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Hey all, so my wife and I went shopping on Sunday at BJ's Wholesale club. I picked up a 10# Boston butt for pulled pork and 2 racks

baby backs , I planned on smoking the B/B this Friday and the ribs on Saturday . My question is will they stay in the fridge till

Saturday and Sunday or would it be better to freeze them now and pull them back out on Thursday night or Friday morning to thaw

for a Saturday and Sunday smoke ?

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They will be fine until the weekend.  They will also have a date on them.

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As bear said you are good to go. Remember to post a Qview or you will get some of this Bottom.gif.

Happy smoken.


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Thanks guys now I can put my wife's mind at ease. She is always checking the refrigerator and tossing food that she thinks is no good because it was " in there to long " . Me and the kids call her the expiration date police !! Even if its a SELL BY date , if its past she throws it , just kills me when I see it . Oh well you know what they say " HAPPY WIFE HAPPY LIFE " so I don't argue anymore 

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They will be fine in the frdge



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