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costing out a menu

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I have a question for those who have their own bbq restaurant. For someone who is trying to open his own, how do u go about costing out the menu? I'm looking for details, are you using ounces, pounds etc. When you have plated items on your menu(with two sides), are you giving them 6oz of brisket or 8oz. Thanks to all
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I don't have a BBQ restaurant. However I was in restaurant management years ago. It doesn't matter it it is a 8oz portion or a .5 LB portion it is all the same. As for portion size the norm for brisket would be 4oz for a regular plate and you could have a large or any size you want. Remember their is going to be a lot of waste in BBQ. Figure a 50% or so lose do to shrinkage and bones. Find something that sets you out from the rest and then be able to repeat it every time.

Good luck!

Happy smoken.


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I too was in the food business many many years ago. Food cost is always something you have to stay on top of. You can get as detailed at you want when it comes to food cost.



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Also look at what your local competition is charging and what you get for that cost. You want to be competitive while still making a profit. The other hard part is figuring the cost of all the other little fiddly bits - fuel, all the non-food supplies, your time and effort, insurance, etc. etc. A poorly managed restaurant is a fast way to go broke, no matter how good the food is.

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Originally Posted by JIRodriguez View Post

 A poorly managed restaurant is a fast way to go broke, no matter how good the food is.


I have seen people go down that path before and it is not pretty.

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Are you guys using any software, to calculate your menu, if so which one,if not what formula are you guys using to get cost out your meat and sides?



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