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You didn't say that about meat drying out...Meathead did. Lol.      If a water pan can increase moisture in meat I'd love to know how meat I cook without a pan is noticeably more moist then others using one.   Not buying those "studies" I gotta say.


Just can't imagine getting moisture meat...chicken/Turkey is flooded wet with no brine or water pan. Pork butts etc...are the same way so if a pan of water can increase meat moisture everyone  would be using one imho.


Back to topic ( sorry) for the side track OP.... Like mule says no water for chickens especially. 


No pan at all, spatchcock, cook skin side down half way through, cook 350 or more if you can and start out with dry skin.  Overnight in fridge could help you.

I concur. If you happen to be pressed for time borrow the wife's hair dryer to really dry that skin good. That is the trick.

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Lots of uses for hair driers ,   Back years ago I used one to speed up my charcoal



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