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Welcome to the world of pork butts.

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Hi,  since your butts are taking some time Have you considered raising the heat. There are 2 schools of thought about smoking meat when it comes to temps. HOT and FAST or LOW and SLOW.

You have been smoking at a low and slow temp. I smoke butts at 240 that's not much hotter but it helps. It works for me. I like to cook my butts naked (no foil) but I have increased the temp so the stall may not be so long.  Stall ,that's when the temp just does not rise. It may even drop a degree or two. It seems like it takes forever to rise after the stall starts. It is during the stall the smoking magic takes place. That is when the connective tissue and fat break down. You really want the stall to take place. It is easy for me to say be patient but it is not my family standing around wanting to know when they will get to eat.  Always give your self the time needed to do it right. Even after the meat is ready to take out of the smoker it is not ready. Since  I don't foil for the stall  I foil the aluminum tray I will be pulling it in. I let it rest for at least 1 1/2 hours wrapped in towels and placed in a cooler. Some let it rest in the smoker at about 120 to 140.

After several smoking debacles I learned to not have a drop dead time to eat or I will do a overnight smoke.  Your meat can rest for 3 hours in a cooler and still be hot.


 Why the second butt is taking so long can be a topic of another conversation.   Jted

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