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Smoked Salmon

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A friend of mine asked me to smoke some fish for him do I did some for him and some for myself biggrin.gif

Brined for 8hrs using alaskanbears recipe.

Then rinsed and gonna let it sit over night to form a pellicle.

I will post some pics of the finished product tomorrow.
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Turn a fan on the fish to form the pellicle....   that will dry the surface proteins better and faster.....   

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You obviously like a very sweet cure. Looking good so far and looking forward to your finished pics. Thumbs Up

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Could u post a link to that recipe Thanks Greg
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Into the smoker it goes

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I'm smoking salmon right now, too, and found this while trying to figure out if anyone else watches their temperature on the fish. My salmon has been in the smoker for over seven hours now, and the temp is currently set at 165 degrees, but the fish is at 138 (thicker filets) and 144 (thin ones). I'm looking to pull them when they reach 150.


But does anyone else watch the temps of their salmon, or just time it?

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From what I've read most guys don't got buy IT more by texture.
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Thats some good lookin salmon.

Nice cook.
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Watching the IT (internal temp) of Salmon is most important.  I normally pull mine at 135-140.


Beaverhunter,  looks good.  What spieces of Salmon is that?

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Some were spring salmon the really red stuff is sockeye.
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