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After reading CueInCO's thread on "beaver tail" and the associated responses... i promptly dragged a flank out the the freezer a couple of days ago and marinated it...Now it's smoke time....


The subject....has a nice deep red color from the marinade....



and into the smoker with the AMPTS loaded up with pecan.....iGrill2 all probed up....




Stay tuned....i'll report back with results this evening....

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Moving along nicely....


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Awesome!!!! I'm so in on this...
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Dingo a tiny bit of knife work with that one, you could fool almost anyone. Can't wait to see it done.

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I'm in , looks good !

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Awright....the iGrill2 spoke to me at 150F IT...went and checked it out...felt firm, looked good and i pulled it;







It tastes great...had to stop myself from eating the whole thing...which you could probably serve as a main..since I dont really have a reference point for Pipikaula it's hard to evaluate its authenticity. However, if the hot sample(s) are anything to go by...i'm looking forward to tomorrow for the cold version. It seems to me to be a nicely done smoked steak more than a jerky or biltong type texture...maybe needs longer in the smoker...maybe needs to cool down until tomorrow?


So here's how it went down;


1 x Flank Steak

1cup x soy sauce

1/4cup x water

1 TBS x Oyster sauce

3 TBS x Brown Sugar

1 TBS x Grated Ginger

2 cloves x Garlic - minced

2 TBS x Salt

1/2 TBS x red chilli flakes

0.25% x Cure #1


Marinade for 48 hrs, turning once after 24hrs...smoke @ 180F until 150F IT.


Notes...It definitely has a salty taste...which makes for a great pairing with your favorite frosty malty beverage. If you are salt sensitive (like me) drop the 2 TBS..there's plenty in the soy. Also, the red chille flakes didn't really come through..I'll double or triple next time.


I'll do a brief update tomorrow once i've "sampled" (if it makes it through tonight) the cold version.


Any Hawaiians want to jump in with advice...please do...I'd love to know if this is even close to Pipikaula

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I would say you nailed it!

Now you need some sides to go with that:


Poke, Lomi salmon and poi....


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So I pulled the pipikaula out of the fridge this morning and sliced it...the whole family (even my 2 & 4 yo boys) love it cold. Next time I'll drop the additional salt and maybe up the brown sugar a little. Also do 3-4 flank steaks.....cause 1 is not gonna last long!


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Nice looks tasty  



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