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TIme to try BBB

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I love my pork belly's but after seeing so many posts on here about Buckboard Bacon I thought I would give it a try.


Started with a 8 pound butt I picked up on base yesterday for $1.54 a pound.

Deboned and cut in half.

Patted dry and rubbed down with Hi Mountain BBB cure per the instructions.. I use this on my pork bellies and it always turns out great.

Packed in a 20 pound ice bag (Thanks Ice Daddy)and into the frig for 10 days. Will Flip at 5 days.

Will post the taste test in a couple of weeks.


Waiting on something to hit the floor!!!!

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I'll be watching

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Should be good, we prefer BBB to belly bacon. I prefer to flip and massage once a day when dry brining. Just the way I was taught.
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Bacon out of the cure after ten days. An hour in front of the fan then ready for the smoker
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Into the smoker. Hope it turns out good
2 amazing smoker loaded with hickory
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Done and in the frig over night will slice tomorrow
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Looks good. Nice color. I'm with Case I turn daily.

Happy smoken.


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Nice indeed   Looks great



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Beautiful..... Perfect..... Nice pellicle......   Crisp, clear, shiny dry smoky surface....  that's what it should look like....   Great Job...    


I will bet it does NOT taste like an ashtray...  Dave


About turning the meat in the cure....    Somewhere I read the salts will settle in the brine, toward the bottom of the container, so, whether you have one hunk of meat or 20, it is a good idea to turn, ( (overhaul as they say in the pickle business) pickle is what a brine is called), daily...

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Basic turned out very good. I'll dang sure make it again
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Very nice smoke indeed  looks great



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Looks great.

I may have to try some.
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