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Well this looked to be the closest to where I should put it. I am going to do building my smoker out of a Lista cabinet. The modular storage cabinets. its roughly 5 feet high and 28" wide. its powdercoated steel so it should make a pretty good base for it I believe. I am planning on using electric for this so I dont have to babysit a burner all day, even though I think I would end up sacrificing some smoke quality over building a wood firebox. Does anybody have any advice on where to get a good burner for it? I sure appreciate your help!
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Cabelas and Bass Pro carry a burner that is for converting a Brinkmann charcoal grill over to electric.

You'll need some form of thermostat for it since it's plug and run. I use that one with an Auber Instruments PID and it works great!
post #3 of 3 - mot common element guys use for their builds - the best controller you can buy and worth the extra $40 more then the single temp probes and waaaaaaay better than anything anyone has built so far. i just got my second unit for another build. 



lots of options, youve got a tall smoker, could also uuse forced air with a finned strip heater


go through the fridge freezer build forum and look at all the differnet set ups, youll find ideas that will help you design what will work for your set up.


keep posting, lets see some pics too.

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