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Newbie questions!

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Hello I just bough a MES 30 the one from tractor supply for $130 but have some questions.
1. Where do I find a brisket small enough to fit in it? I tried all my local grocery stores and they are all too big.
2. I also bough the iGrill2 meat probe and it always seems to say my meat is done when it not. Anyway to check the calibration? The ambient probe seems within 5 degrees of my MES probe.

I read the 5 day course and still didnt do so hot on a brisket flat I smoked most of it came out chewy.
My goal is to cook a really good brisket that is that possible with the MES 30? Tips?
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If you add your location to your profile someone from your area may be able to help you in locating the smaller brisket you are looking for. Do you have a digital temperature probe setup yet, or a quality oven thermometer and a meat probe? Temperature control is the single most important thing in all the processes of smoking a good piece of meat. The thermometer on your unit is known to be way off. Brisket is tricky in that a certain chunk of meat may be perfect at one temp. and another piece another temp. I have heard anything from 190 to 210 and anywhere in between. The best way to tell if any large muscle meat is done and done right is to probe it. This means sticking a toothpick into the meat. If it goes in like a hot knife through butter it's done. If not keep on smoking. If you have any more questions fire away.

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Ok I see you have the igrill 2 which is supposed to be good. I use a maverick dual probe unit but yours should work fine. If you boil some water you can check your probes for accuracy. Water boils at 212 degrees give or take depending on elevation. Once again location helps us to help you. What recipe are you using? Might I suggest Bears step by step? It is a lot of peoples go to for brisket. You can search for it in the search bar at the top of the page. Which is really good if I might add.

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I live in The Woodlands, Texas, what you said about my MES internal temp being way off would make allot of sense. I dont have any other meat probes than my igrill2 to gauge the temps. From what your saying its probably more accurate than the MES 30 internal probe. My igrill2 has been telling me the internal meat temp is ready way too fast but if my MES 30 is running too hot I guess it would cook things really fast? Not sure how I can test them though as my smoker doesnt have a window. I guess I could buy a nice analog one and use my oven to test against since it has a window?
Any suggestions?
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You have the Igrill, take it in the house and boil some water. Most likely it is right within a couple degrees. Then put it back in the smoker next to the one that is in there. Then you will know how much the MES one is off. I have seen 30-90 degrees off. Also make sure you are not touching bone, or that the probe is not all the way through. You want it in the center of the thickest part of the meat. I have not heard of a smoker like your getting any hotter than 235-250 so something is off. It could be the temp. that your recipe calls for is wrong. What recipe are you using and what finished temps does it say?

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I used the one on the ecourse then I decided to leave the temp till it hit 205 then I wrapped it in foil & towels and it stuck it in a cooler for 4 hours. It was ok just a little tougher than I would of preffered. I am smoking chicken today and there is a big difference in temp set the MES 205 it just measured 238 with the igrill2 probe. There are some wild swings in temp it was at 219 less than 10 minutes ago. I am shooting for 225 per the recipe on the masterbuilt website for chicken breast.
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Next time do the toothpick test. The toothpick doesn't lie.

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But the MES thermometers will. Sounds like you might be fighting the wind? If you have the water pan in there dry you might try filling it with sand and wrapping in foil. It helps to have a heat sink in there to keep the temps from jumping all over the place. Especially when you open the door to check on things.

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for smaller brisket. i told my butcher those big vacuum packed things were to big. he just cut it in half. not sure what he did with the other half.

ask them, vacuum pack or not.

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