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Did my first smoke

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Thanks to everyone for the information on these forums. 


Finally bought myself a MES 30, seasoned it the next day then tried out a pork tenderloin. I took inspiration from a few others on here (thanks Bear) and fillet it open and added apple butter and some fresh diced apples. Added my rub then rolled it up and let it sit over night. 


It was not a very big loin so it went pretty fast, right at 2 hours to reach an IT of 145. I then put it in foil and into a 170 oven. Once i saw the temp jump to 147 I turned it off and let it rest while I went and ran an errand. Temp free rose to 151 during that time.

I used apple wood for the smoke and kept the smoker set around the 225 area.


Turned out pretty good. for a side I made twice baked sweet potatoes and finished them for 45 min on the smoker before I pulled the pork off. Those were fantastic.






Next up is a chicken that brined over night and is now drying a bit out of the brine in the fridge.

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Looks GREAT!

Happy smoken.


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Looks tasty!
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Looks great!

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Looks terrific. You are now doomed with a smoking addiction.



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Looks like we have another winner!


Welcome to the madness of smoke!

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Nicely done ,looks great!

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