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Anyone Using "Grill Grates"?

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I recently bought a Weber Kettle 22.5" model for when I want to cook smaller meals and not fire up the big cooker.


I saw this on one of the grilling competition shows and it looks pretty nice.  Anyone using this and any feedback?


I've thought about either this or a cast iron grate for the Weber.


Thanks in advance for any feedback !

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I have these on my gas and on my Weber. I feel they do a great job. Keeps my grills cleaner and they heat up fast.


Good Luck,




PS: A "billy bar" is the best way to keep them clean!

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I have had them on my Weber grill the last couple of years. You won't regret spending the money I assure you.

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I have them for the Smokey Joe, Jumbo Joe and the 22.5" One-Touch Silver Kettle.

I'm very happy with them.

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