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A bit Late

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Hi! to all you smokers, all over the world, I'm a bit late with my wishes but here's wishing you all have a wonderful year smoking your favourite meats and making all your mouth watering dishes.

My New Years challenge is to become a reasonable smoker and use my smoker as much as my BBQ.


On a different note I just want to let all the Americans know that the Aussie buck is at an all time low and it's an excellent time to travel down under right now.

I live at the gate way to the Great Barrier Reef and I'm sure I can find a spare bed should someone like to fill it, are you listening Bear?.


Cheers From Down Under 

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Pilch, Happy New Years to you too!  You'll have that WSM mastered in no time.  Good to know about the Aussie buck.  Now, what can you do about that 22 hr flight?

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Happy New Year and thanks for the nice offer.

Happy smoken.


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The bed, no worries, the flight, can't help there.


C f D U

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