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Hey all, I am here in northeast Pa. and was planning on doing some serious smoking this weekend. #15 snack sticks & #20 of

ring bologna . my problem is the forecast is calling for a little snow and a pretty good amount of rain . I have my propane masterbuilt

setup in the backyard, not under any cover. will the weather become a factor from a moisture standpoint . I'm not worried about the cold

so much or me getting wet checking on how things are going. just wasn't sure about rain getting into the smoker through the seems or door when I check temps and add wood. any advice ?

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Cold rain on smoker will draw heat out and mess with temps. Any way to shelter it would help with temps- patio or beach umbrella, tarp wiki up, scrap plywood roof. MacGyver time.
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Weather will effect everything from moisture in the air, ambient temperature and wind. I would do as Wimpy69 said and MacGyver a shelter if needed. I find that the rain does more to effect a cook than anything else.

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Yesterday was dry but cold for smoking, 31F. I had to stoke a lot of fuel just to hit 200F in the offset. But the salmon worked out well.


Today is a steady rain all day long.

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The weather will always affect outdoor cooking/smoking. 


Your best bet would be to find a location out of the rain, sleet, snow, and wind if possible.  If you cannot put your smoker under cover at least try to fabricate some sort of windbreak.   


Heck,  even hot summer days can affect a smoker.


Good luck 

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My Weber can handle wind and cold much better than the offset.

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As said above find a way to keep the rain off and if you could block the wind that would be even better.

Happy smoken.


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