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Smoked/Reversed Seared Tri-Tips with View

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So as promised here are some pics of 2 pieces of tri-tip I purchased from a butcher during our camping trip. This made up for the terrible london broil I purchased from Vons grocery store the day before. When I got home and unwrapped it, there were brown spots on the other side I couldn't see from the packaging. I'm sure the butcher packaged it this way on purpose. I would have returned it but I didn't want to make another 25 mile roundtrip drive. It was also getting late and the family was hungry.


Now on for the good stuff. The butcher didn't have any tri-tip more than 1.66 lbs so I had to buy 2 to ensure everyone got fed. The butcher did a good job of leaving some fat on one side to add flavor while smoking/grilling. I used avacado extra virgin olive oil infused with garlic and Killer Hogs BBQ Rub:



While this was sitting out, I preheated my MES to 250 using a 50% combo of pecan and 50% cherry wood chips. Once the MES hit 250, I inserted my Thermoworks digital ChefAlarm into 1 of the tri-tips setting the alarm fo internal temp 120-125. I then smoked them fat side up for a little over an hour at 225 before I hit my internal temp range.


While I was getting close to my internal temp range, I started a proprane gas grill and set it hit for high so I could reverse sear the tips. I then reverse seared both pieces for few minutes. Once I pulled the tri-tips off the grill to let them rest I hit the magic 130 number so I knew I was good:



Finally, after letting the tips rest for 15-20 minutes wrapped in foil it was time to eat. I also made a side of asparagus to go with the meat. Mission accomplished; mouthwatering juicy tender tri-tip:


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Looks tasty!
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Nice lookin TT !
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Looks awesome!
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Terrific Tasty Tri Tip! Terrific.



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Thanks for the good feedback. Tomorrow I'm smoking baby backs and a pork butt.

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Tri tip looks awesome FBI................. nice job   Thumbs Up



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Nice   looks good



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Looks great!!
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