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My my what meals. 

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Well thank you tons Bear55!

Today was raw oysters & raw clams (the latter of which I adore more but both are great) and I take those with just freshly ground black pepper!

I also made red rice with dried porcini mushrooms, fresh tarragon, raw elephant garlic, black pepper, Cyprus sea salt and almond oil.

It all was lovely.

Here's wishing you all a very magnificent and delicious Thursday!

Cheers! - Leah

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Happy Friday to all!
And happy football weekend and more!
Today I had fantastic, all natural steelhead roe - added 1 and 1/2 tongues of it to a rice blend of black, red & brown rice, dried porcini mushrooms, flat leaf parsley, raw elephant garlic, almond oil, black pepper and Cyprus sea salt (since this roe came unsalted even - so lovely) and it was one bowl of joy!
I added another 1/2 tongue as garnish on top. LOVE!
Cheers to all and make today really fantastic! - Leah

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Now that looks seriously tasty! Fish roe one of natures delights.
Contemplating grilling these guys if the keep stomping on my tin roof at 6 am!
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Leah, delicious as always.  All you need is some fresh baked Italian bread to go with it.  Here, you can have one of these.  They're still hot!


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Happy new week to all!
Mick those birds might be good! I want to try swan & also flamingo.
And Ray, I could smell the bread through the screen even! Fantastic!
Happy everything to everyone! Make today a new beginning of something wonderful!
Cheers! - Leah 🍷🌴💃☀️🐟🌊
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Lambs brains tonight,needless to say I am down the weekender on my own!
They will be egg wash,panko breadcrumbs,then fried served with salsa verde.
I will fossick around down in manland ( multi function,bar,cellar, man cave) for some white wine even.
Go Patriots yahoo.gif We got both games free to air Monday morning.
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Mick that sounds fun & I love salsa verde!

Yes, it was a damn mob scene here Saturday in all grocery stores (couldn't park anywhere near them as all were full) as folk scurried around getting provisions for Game Day. New Englandera take the Pats beyond seriously and it becomes more than Christmas!

In any event, share your good good and drink- sounds terrific!
Cheers! - Leah
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Great but very filling. There is a lot of fat / spinal cord attached which is very decadent.
White wine didn't pass muster so I found a bottle of Chalk Hill Shiraz from 2001. Sold as Wits End in USA.
Pretty good match in the end.
Salsa verde had the right amount of bite.
I adopted the Patriots some months back ,great way to spend a holiday Monday morning in January ,watching a double header that finishes at lunchtime.biggrin.gif
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That looks beautiful Mick and DOES sound decadent and perfect with your wine!

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Happy Friday Winos & Smokers!
Today I smoked octopus (half hickory chips & half pistachio shells) for 30 minutes and it was so soft!

Next week I am posting some new threads with wine and food and some new smoked in threads as well. Lately I have simply uploaded whatever I am eating and from my phone, as not to drop the ball (timely speak in New England right?) but fret not, I will stop adding more to this same thread (though please keep adding yours as it is fun to see what everyone is eating and drinking) and I am excited to create some new threads next week!

Meanwhile, here's to grabbing life by the tentacles and living full throttle! Cheers! - Leah

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Unsweetened cacao nibs & walnuts and such were in the dish too! Such a busy plate but it really worked!
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Last day of holidays down the coast.
Tonight will be what gets called Hainan chicken here..
Poached in chicken stock,ginger,garlic, shallots,orange peel,chilli & bits.
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That sounds great Mick! As does the coast! ☀️🌊🌴🍷🏄🎣🍤🍴🍺
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That looks Awesome, Leah!!Thumbs Up


Soooooo  Tasty!!!:drool


Looks like an Octopus exploded !!!

Makes me wonder if Kirk Douglas had anything to do with that.


You probably aren't old enough to have seen that movie!!




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Happy snowy weekend Bear! And thanks so much!
And I have an old soul & so it must be 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea?
Here's to wonderful food!
Today I had grilled sword with dried Woodear mushrooms and salad, and I KNOW you have had your share of some incredible swordfish!
Meanwhile, cheers to the weekend and to all!! - Leah

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Linda said " Why don't you cook something your mother used to cook" so it's a big ole pot roast tonight. My beef cheek recipe adapted done in a big Dutch oven just like the one she used to have.
We will have a bottle of The Bonesetter ,shiraz 2005 out Barossa Valley. Premium wine.
Stay warm,Go Patriots.
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Mick that sounds fantastic!
And yes, it's utter mania here on the coast this weekend for the Pats!
This year seems bigger than ever thanks to "deflate gate" and so all store clerks have been wearing Patriot shirts and it's like walking around on a football field 24-7 as that's all folk can think about right now- and the tailgating food! I'll post mine next week after the game.
Meanwhile, enjoy that roast & wine & share some pix if able too!
Cheers!🍷🍺🏈 - Leah
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Didn't get photos,sorry. We play South Korea in the final of the Asian Cup Soccer tonight so I was rushing a bit.80,000 people at the stadium about 30 minutes from here.
Nice meal. We used to have our own cattle so the freezer would be full of beef packed & labelled.
My mother would pull out her Meat & Livestock Corporation cookbooks & go to work.
Blade roast was $8 a kg as a whole piece ,close to 3 kg. I have plenty of leftovers.
Very tender,my pot roast is Southern French influenced ,clove,cinnamon,orange peel,garlic,bacon,carrot ,onion red wine,beef stock,big bunch of herbs out of the garden.
Wine was great.
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Sounds spectacular and WOW to grow up with one's own cattle!?? Amazing!!! Cheers! - Leah

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