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My Bunions

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Thought I needed some sweet onions to go along with my skillet steaks so I rushed to the store. I walked past the bacon department and thought to myself......"hmmmmmmmmm, wasn't there a recent thread about adding bacon to some onions destined for the smoker?"

Chopped off the top quarter and then a very small flat spot on the bottom so they would stand upright in the gasser.
Ingredients were melted buttah', minced garlic, beef bullion powder and 4-5 small pieces of bacon, pepper.


In the gasser running at 225-230* with a AMNTS at the bottom under the burner, burning some of Todd's Pitmaster's choice.



Finished product after a 3.5 hour smoke.

Sorry, a little blurry

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I love onions out of the smoker...

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Great looking onions!
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Onions...sumtin else for me to try, thanks for sharing.
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ONIONS,thats looks great


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