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Need a ittle help

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I have a new Masterbuilt 40" - 2 door gas smoker that I just got.  I'm smoking an 8 pound pork loin today.  I'm having trouble getting the smoker temperature low enough.  I'm trying to get it to about 220 - 225 and I can't get it below about 260. So far I've replaced the in-door thermometer that was off by about 70 degrees and checked the new one with an oven thermometer inside on one of the racks.  They are both reading 260 now.  I also closed off the slots in the chip pan with aluminum foil to keep flame from getting into the pan and igniting the chunks.  I'm running it at the lowest setting and it's still running too hot and the top vent full open. 


Anybody have any tips to get the temperature down where it should be?


Thanks for the help. 

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I am no expert by any means whatsoever, but with that being said, you could add a water pan to help suck up some of the btu's being put out. Some people have left there doors open a crack.
I currently have a master built xl propane and what I have found to work the best is to add a regulator valve and now I am able to achieve temps in the 120 degree range.
Hopefully someone with more knowledge than I will be along shortly to better explain or offer more advise.
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Thanks for the tip.  I assume you are talking about leaving the bottom door open?  If I open the top door I'll lose all my smoke.

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On the xl, I only have the one door, so I hd no choice. But I still had more than sufficient smoke. Definitely check into a regulator by reading through the propane mods section. I no longer require the use of a water pan.
And one of the other best things I have done is invest in a "tube smoker" versions of the amazen products by Todd Johnson. He is a valued member here. To make the tube better add a pair of muffler clamps (someone else's mod, I cannot take credit for this or remember who I learned this from) to the ends of the tube to keep it from rolling on you.
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Thanks for the help.  I'll check out the mods and look into a tube smoker.  For today I'll just have to babysit the door I guess.

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Sorry but I misspoke on the regulator. What I am actually referring to is Bayou classic needle valve. Type it in the search bar bar and you will find the answer for better controlling the heat issue.
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For your immediate situation, I don't know of anything you can do, but in the near future you might to  put a needle valve in your line between the propane tank and the smoker's regulator, which is mentioned above.

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Not sure if it will work on your smoker, but on mine, I can turn the dial all the way up to HIGH, then push it in and slowly start moving it towards the OFF position and can get a lower flame than what I get on the LOW position.    Just have to be careful because if it's too low, it could get snuffed out with wind.

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