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Desert by accident

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Please excuse the presentation. This was the by product of a rib smoke. I was using an apple to keep the digital probe off the grill, so it smoked for about six hours or so. After I pulled the ribs off, I decided to slice the apple up, put some butter, brown sugar and cinnamon on it and then top it off with some ready whip. It was delicious!!!
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And here's the ribs. Also tasty, If I do say so myself.
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You made my mouth water. Seriously. What kind of apple?

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I don't know. Some little bitty cheap apple that came like 20 in a bag for six bucks. I looked for a sticker, but didn't find one. If I was going to do this intentionally, is probably opt for a gala, myself.
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My wife's response: "I don't know if I buy into that".


But I will only eat sweet potatoes if they are smoked, and I love the adventure of trying new things to smoke. This has been added to my list.

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She doesn't buy that it was an accident or that it was delicious?
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She was doubtful about how good a smoked apple would be. Not that she hasn't devoured anything else I pull out of that smoker!

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Haha! I was doubtful about it too, but I liked it real well. I smoked it with 50/50 apple/cherry. I don't know how good it would taste using a stronger wood.
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