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Ham jerky?

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Did double-smoked hams for Christmas, they came out great! The wife bought two pre-sliced Cure 81's and we basted with honey/molasses/apple juice with apple juice in the pan. After an hour or so, some of the slices started peeling off and falling on the rack where they proceeded to turn "jerky-ish". Most of us liked these pieces better than the hams! Of course, there was no "cure" involved here but we ate them pretty quick. Now I'm wondering if a cure mix would work on ham slices this thin (1/8" - 3/16") or if it's trouble?



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Sounds like an interesting experiment. Kind of like candied bacon almost. Keep in mind that if you use a store bought ham, like the ones you used, you do not need to add cure, because they already have been cured. If you buy a raw (non-cured) ham you need to add cure.

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