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first shot

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I have a Brinkmann all in one that I have never used.  I plan to smoke two whole chickens Saturday for my first shot.  Any help would be appreciated.  I intend to go the propane route.  Looking for any ideas or help I can get.  It came with lava rock and wood chips, so I will just use those.  I've read the thermometer on them suck, so I'm going to try get a better one and put it on the body tomorrow.  Looking forward to cooking some great meals with this thing.  Thanks to any and all that respond.

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Well, that was disappointing.  Not a failure, as we ate the chicken.  Very surprised.  I put the chicken on when the temp was 200.  It did take another 15-20 minutes to get to 250.  I set the timer for 3 hours when it hit 250.  The smoke rolled very well for about an hour, maybe a little more.  My neighbor, that smokes a lot of meat, said to let the smoke die after about 1/3 cooking time, whatever the meat or time is....  I did that.  I checked the internal temp of the chicken after 2 hours and it was already 180.  I yanked it off and we ate.  I'm so glad I checked it.  These were 4-4.5 chickens, and I split them.  The smoke flavor was good.  The breasts were very dry, but the leg quarters were good.  Lesson learned I guess....Pork tenderloin tomorrow.  Gonna put on a dry rub I use for ribs.  Should I wrap in bacon?

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Any help on my second venture tomorrow would be appreciated.  I plan to smoke a pork tenderloin.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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It may help to start new thread for different cooks. Never tried to smoke a pork tenderloin always grilled them, not much meat and very little fat. I suggest you get a pork butt(shoulder) try that it's a easier meat to smoke and get use to your cooker. Don't overcook the tenderloin I would pull it off the grill around 145*to 150* tent with foil to rest around 10 minutes. Hopefully some others will chime in, what are you using for seasoning and what wood for smoke? A little practice goes a long way stick to it and youll get there.
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