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Crown Roast of Pork...qview

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A few months ago I started thinking about what I wanted to do for Christmas dinner. I didn't want a ham and we were having turkey for Thanksgiving. I wanted something different. I came up with either a standing rib roast or a crown roast of pork.i called my butcher up and the cost settled it for me. Not long after, I saw Jeff's instructions and figured it must be a sign.

I picked up an 8 lb crown from my butcher on Tuesday and on Wednesday evening I sat it in the apple honey brine Jeff recommended. The only difference was that I used Stubb's bbq rub. After my daughters opened up their gifts this morning I got the wrangler going with some pecan wood, rubbed the crown down with more of the stubb'Stubb's and let it smoke for 4.5 hours to an internal 150 degrees. It was perfect!

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Looks Real Nice, KingT !!!:drool


Jeff sends us a lot of Awesome Step by Steps!!Thumbs Up


You did a Great Job on that one!!:drool




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Looks tasty, Nice smoke!
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That sure looks fine!
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Lookin good.
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That is just beautiful. Nice job!

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Really great bit of cookery, looks great.
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WOW - what a great looking hunk of meat!

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Great job.

Crow rib roasts are an impressive site on any buffet setup.
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Very Nice..............Thumbs Up



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Wow looks mighty tasty to me 



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Good looking presentation.  Thumbs Up

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Nice meat! Stubbs is great. haven't had a bad result with his stuff yet. i use his sweet heat bbq sauce as the base for my sauce too.

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I'll need to try this out.  thx!

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What temperature did you smoke at?
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King, you've raised smoking a crown roast of pork to an art form. Looks incredibly delicious! And I'm a big fan of Stubbs products.

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How amazing! This is just beautiful!
Happy 2015!
Cheers! - Leah
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Thanks everyone! It was great. Stubb's definitely makes good products. We are big fans of his sauces too, particularly the Sticky Sweet...
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