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Polish Bow Ties (Krischickies)

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        3 cups flour
        6 Egg yokes   ( medium ) 5 if using larger eggs
        4 oz. sour cream
        4 oz. sugar
        2 tsp. vanilla
        2 tsp. lemon juice
        pinch of baking powder & salt, & yeast

        splash of brandy (optional)
    Mix eggs, sour cream, sugar, vanilla & lemon juice  together.
  Add mix to flour a little at a time till you have a workable dough.
  Roll as thin as possible (using a pasta maker
  set on 5 )put a slit in and make the tie.
  Fry at 350* do not let them brown,cool
  sprinkle with powder sugar..

Flour,baking powder,salt,yeast

eggs, sour cream, sugar, vanilla & lemon juice

Kitchen Aid with dough Hook

Wrap in a zip lock bag ( flour on hands no shot of the dough)

Rolled out as thin as you can.I can see the lines in my cutting board.( Arms hurt)

Cut and Tied

Fried no not brown

15 - 20 sec. Flip them over


Dust with powder sugar

Warning these are addictive.

Thanks for looking

Merry X-Mas

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Looks good.

Happy smoken.


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Made another small batch


Thanks for looking


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