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Steel doors for brick smoker

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Here you go boys!


Doors are all but painted! My winter work is complete.


I put stretch metal on the sides to catch mortar and will drill holes into frame afterward and install SS pan screws into the mortar.   Intentionally left a gap on the doors for 5/16" heat rope. The bolts in the hinges are temporary as I have a friend going to machine them. My keeper is at an angle and has a stop so the handle does not swing by.


Frame is 3/16" x 3" angle and the doors are 1/4" flat plate steel. hinges are 1/4'' wall sleeve x 1/2'' opening and 1/2'' bolts.


Handles were made of 10" shoulder x 1/2" bolts and 5" Stainless spring handles from BBq bonanza.


Lil' buffing and a paint job this spring aaand game on!  -Get your brick on!! Get your rib on!! COME ON!! YAH,YAH!

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Those are some awesome looking doors Jim.    I wish I had your welding skill.    Awesome job!


By the time you lay mortar around them, you may want to plan on another coat of paint once finished.   I need to repaint mine.   If I can get the grease off the frame, I'll probably just brush a coat of something on them.


Pat yourself on the back.  Door look great!

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Thanks Wes. Now just figure the arch and I will be ok.
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