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Chef vs. Cook?

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I was watching a local cooking show and she (I didn't say this), said, " the difference between a cook and a chef is.........................................................."


"Cooks have to clean up their own mess, chefs have folks to clean up for them."




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Cooks throw down, chefs throw tantrums.
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A Chef is the BOSS of the kitchen. That is why I am a cook! B
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About 30 grand a year.
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To me a chef is someone that went to school. A cook is someone that learned in the trenches.
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Chef is French for chief. I call being a chef adult babysitting! I was offered a chefs position a couple of weeks ago and turned it down.

I'm not saying I will not be a chef again but if I do it will be on my terms and in a cuisine that I want to do!
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I agree with the above descriptions, but also it seems to me that a "Chef" excels in preparation, presentation and the use of more exotic and unusual ingredients.  Me, I like food prepared by a Cook rather than a "Chef".  I don't mind trying new things or different styles of cooking, but I've seen to many Chefs concentrate so hard on making food look pretty that the taste was less than great. 

When I order steak, I want to taste the STEAK, not truffles in wine sauce or some such fluffy, pretty presentation oriented garnish that hides the taste of the meat:wife:

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