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Noob here, snack sticks with just wild hog?

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Just picked up my first grinder, stuffer and smoker with a dehydrator in my future. I have hogs like cockroaches around me and would like to make snack sticks with them. Do they turn out well or does it have to be cut with something else? Any other tips greatly appreciated. Thanks
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Hey Red.... welcome.... FDA recommends freezing wild hog at around -5 deg F for a month or so before cooking and eating... Not exactly sure of the deg. and time but, that's supposed to kill any parasites they may have because cooking don't do it....

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Thanks for the heads up. Do they make good sticks by themselves? Anything else special I need to know?
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I think you may need some fat... for moisture and flavor... Don't know how much to add...... Wild hogs are pretty lean.....

Maybe we have a few members that have made sticks from hogs...
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Anyone else have any input?
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Hi there!


Do what Dave said and freeze the beast for a month or so.  Then, I'd add about 25% pork butt from the store to the wild piggy.  To say that the feral hogs are lean, compared to farm raised, is an understatement.


Now, wild hogs are typically in better condition and will have a very different flavor than their farm raised cousins.  Depending upon where the animals live, the flavor will be different.  At my place in East Texas, they almost taste exactly like farm raised since they feast on corn, peanuts, and other grains that we feed year round.  However, at my uncles place in the panhandle of Texas, the critters have a flavor that I can't describe.  It tastes wonderful, but I'm not sure why it's flavor is so much different.

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