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smoken first salmon

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Friend said 2hr @ 90f - 30min @ 150F -  what internal fish temp am I looking for???

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More information needed. Please include details, any details. It would help to answer your questions. Also if you could stop by roll call and introduce yourself we could give you a proper welcome. Including your general wherabouts in your profile also helps. Happy smoking. timber

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Welcome to the board! For salmon, I just go by the look of it being cooked. What do you want? It could be just gently poached, or bronzed and half-dried for flaking onto crackers.

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 Some say 135*, Some say 145*.  I go with 140* knowing that it will cook a little more after you pull it.


Assuming you are referring to Salmon filets, I typically go, the following, unless weather or something else dictates that I alter my plan:


1 hour at 130

1 hour at 150

1 hour at 165+ until an IT of 140 is met.

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Thanks - great, meal

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Originally Posted by decoyshooter View Post

Thanks - great, meal

Without pictures, how could it have been?

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