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I went to Clemson so I don't have a dog in that fight, and it sure is a fight here in Alabama. I was told when I first moved here to pick a I went with the Tigers since I already wore orange. But I am pulling for Bama to win it all, I really respect what a first class program Saban runs down there. I did spend a lot of time down in Troy back when I used to be in the rocket science business..... Back to the smokers, I think 10 1/2 hours is about right, it may have been a little hot if they weren't tender. That igrill should do the trick, they are just a bit more expensive than Mavrick units but all the iproducts charge a premium for the smooth interface features.

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It is said that when a baby is born in Alabama the doc smacks them and says Alabama or Auburn. I love my tide but will pull for auburn in their bowl game.
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Len, I added another foot of chimney and I'm still running 75-100 hotter at the turn. I think it's because my ends are flat instead of rounded and the air can't make a smooth turn so it stacks up. Could I put a deflector plate or something to force the air up or would it be better to modify it with a rounded end? Or, could I put a curved piece of metal inside the chamber rather than cutting out the end to and a curve?

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I'm thinking there is not enough room at the end of the RF plate... How much room is there....
Now before you go and cut off 2-3", think about cutting the RF plate in the middle and do an overlap to adjust the space at the end...
Also, since I can't see the end of the FB... add some air inlet holes at the top of the FB to let in more air.....

The lower air adjust the heat of the fire... the upper air MOVES the heat through the smoker... The thin metal you are using could be losing more heat than you can make-up in the top of the smoker....

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Sorry, crazy day at work so I didn't get a chance to measure. I believe I have 5 inches at the end and 19 7/8 inch RF which should be about 99 sq in.  Just so I'm clear, are you suggesting a "tunable" RF plate, so to speak? I have 2 air intakes on the FB.

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These are the intakes. This was before the FB was mounted but this is how they are.

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Yes, on the tunable RF plate.... just to determine if you need more room at the end of the plate... Just trying to determine where the "choke" point is in your design and how to alleviate it.... without doing anything "drastic"...
The only other idea I have is there are air leaks in the smoker itself not allowing for the draft to work correctly.... In the one picture there appears to be a lot of daylight from where the RF plate seals... that could be the problem but I'm not sure what I'm looking at..... stuff those cracks with aluminum foil to seal it up....
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Dave, this picture was taken from the turn, looking out of the FB to CC opening before the box was attached. Do you think my intakes could be too small? They are 8 and 6 inches in diameter. I guesstimated on the size of the cut outs and thought I went a little bigger but I'm sure I did something wrong.

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I don't see a picture.....
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The air inlets to the FB are big enough.... I didn't read all the posts.... but ... did you check the therms to see if they both read about 210 in boiling water...
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Yes in the therms. They actually read about 205 but I'm at 4500 feet. I have a third therm that I'm going to put in the center, just haven't gotten around to it.
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