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Water Activity (aw) Meters

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Does anyone have experience of current Water Activity meters and have any recommendations as to reasonably priced products and manufacturers. I am looking to buy one of my own but as they are quite expensive I am looking for advice.





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Hi Wade, not had any dealings with these type of meters, but I could not leave you hanging there!

This will totally blow Danny's mind, you have only just talked him into using a Thermometer!!

Smokin Monkey 🇬🇧
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Thanks Steve Thumbs Up


They are essential pieces of kit for predicting (as opposed to guessing) the expected shelf life of the food - especially things like salami, smoked salmon, BBQ sauces etc. Unfortunately the lowest priced ones that I can see here in the UK are in the range of £1,400 + VAT ! The one I want (in my dreams) is over £6K. I would have to mug a lot of old ladies to raise that kind of money! The trouble is that most of them are stronger than me.

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Originally Posted by Smokin Monkey View Post

This will totally blow Danny's mind, you have only just talked him into using a Thermometer!!


Danny is a creature of habit but yes you can teach an old dog new tricks... even one from Texas. The trouble is that with sufficient experience the traditional ways work - so sometimes its hard to justify changing. Isn't that so Danny Thumbs Up 

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Wow, that's a lot of Money! But if your looking to supply foods, then that's what's needed.

I used to know a Cheif Engineer, who would put his hand on a refrigeration compressor cylinder head, and say it's running to hot or cold!

I think we are use to using all the gadgets we can get our hands on, but not knowing the basics is no excuse.

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