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Venison Snack Sticks, First attempt.

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I have a few questions about making Vension Snack Sticks, which I am going to attempt this weekend.  I have read through a lot of the previous threads but have a few outstanding questions.  I plan on smoking the snack sticks on my UDS.  I bought a sausage stuffer and a Hi-Mountain snack stick kit which include the collagen casings.  My questions are:


-I have read a lot of good things about the Hi-Mountain kits, but can I add additional items?  I was hoping to add a good amount of diced Jalapeno peppers and maybe even some cheese.  Anybody foresee any issues with this or recommend additional added items?


-The Ice bath at the end of the smoke, looks like some people and some people do not.  Any thoughts?


I also bought a hi-mountain jerky kit (I have done jerky on the UDS several times, but never used the kit).  Has anyone used them, and if so what were your thoughts?  I've always used a soy sauce based marinade for jerky but this jut looks like it is all dry spices.  I use muscle meat for jerky (not ground).


Any info that you fine folks might be able to provide would be greatly appreciates.  Thanks!!

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I've never had a problem with hi mountain. Turns out great every time. I now prefer there dry rub jerky over the wet marinade. As for adding things go right ahead! Use high temp cheese though if adding cheese.
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As CTonello said you can add what you like. I have never used a kit I prefer to just make my own.

Here is a link to my jerky

Here is a link to my snack sticks

Happy smoken.


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Great, Thanks.  I am very excited.    My Sausage stuffer came with a 3/4" (19mm) attachment and the casings included in the kit are 21mm,  I tested it yesterday and they definitely fit over the nozzle (which I was worried about).  Are these sizes consistent with what most people are using for their sticks?  


Also, the way I understand it is the ice bath at the end of the process is to stop the cooking (drying) process, but it looks like only some people do this step.  Are there any advantages/disadvantages of the ice bath that I should be aware of?

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21mm casings are perfect for snack sticks, If your casings are collagen then you don't want a water immersion as they get slimy.I would let them cool by the air if you have a cold day(no matter what the casing). They are small and will cool quickly ,throw them in the freezer for a few minutes also will get the temp down. You just want them to stop cooking and they will stop quickly being so small so no water bath is my opinion. Good luck ! CM

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