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first pork butt with q-view

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I finally got around to doing a pork butt and I want to thank all those who posted before me as it made it so easy for me ! Rubbed down with cowboy rub and injected with spicy BBQ marinade,sat in the fridge overnite. 8 # butt was smoked for 8 hours with hickory and then foiled( 4 hrs ) all at 250*( less sometimes it was only 10* out ) so I could eat before retiring early to get up at oh-dark -thirty for work.Pulled at 205*and rested for 40 minutes.

.JJ's finishing sauce with the pan drippings and a few swirls of molasses to cut the vinegar a bit.

All pulled and ready to be devoured!

 A sammie and brew for starters .Again thanks for all the great info here for making this so easy for me to do. It was excellent and by researching the posts on this site it was hassle free ! CM

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Looks great Moon! Not sure what the green stuff on your sammie is but it'll probably wipe right off :rotflmao:

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Nice butt!
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  Good looking PP crazy moon!  And I like a little homemade coleslaw on mine too!



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Great smoke! I love the coleslaw too!
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Great job, looks tasty  I love pulled pork



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