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hobart slicer questions part 2

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I'm starting a new thread so my question isn't buried.  Here's the pic of the slicer I just got.  The blade is terribly dull and I don't know if I should take it somewhere to get sharpened or try to get the sharpener working on it.  Looking at the sharpeners online it looks like I might have the wrong sharpener for my model.  The last two pics are of the sharpener that came with it but I can't figure out how to attach it to the slicer.  Any help here, or if there's a mod I can do instead of having to buy a $100 sharpener?







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That slicer looks very similar to mine and my sharpener has 2 stones.

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do you have a model # ?
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sorry, its a 1712

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This one says for a 1612- 1712 and looks just like the one for my 1612.
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yea.. something looks amiss.... this is the one for the 1712..
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If you know someone that has a meat market you might could get them to sharpen it for you. If it would fit on my slicer I would be glad to sharpen it for you.

Happy smoken.


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