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snack stick curing question

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I made some summer sausage and snack sticks. The problem is I made to much. I don't have room in my smoker for all of my snack sticks. How long will these stay good just in the fridge? I need them to wait their turn for cooking. Thanks in advance.
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You have a few days at least. Probably good for a week. Had an issue a bit ago where I made and stuffed my summer sausage but didn't get to smoke right away and all was good.
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Ditto what Brooksy said,I've made summer sausage and let it sit for a couple days before smoking with no problems

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When making Snack Sticks and Summer Sausage I usually refridgerate overnight before smoking. I cannot imagine one more day in the fridge would make a big difference.
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Yep, what everyone else said. Also, sitting in the frig for a day or 2 extra could add to the flavor a bit with wet migration of seasonings and spices. Just my opinion.
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You will be fine for a couple of days. Did you add cure? If so that will extend the time.

Happy smoken.


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