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Ad-lib Cured Chicken Sausage

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Since I have been consuming heroic amounts of red meat since embarking on this smoking journey this year, I decided to try some cured chicken sausage. I used a basic recipe that I used last weekend and just used chicken thighs in lieu of the pork butt. Poor planning (OK I just plain forgot) forced an ad-lib on the casings. When I went to stuff it I realized I had not prepped the hog casings. I had some 19mm collagen and used that instead. 



Ground using the coarse plate and mixed with cure and seasonings


After stuffing. I need to work on my stuffing skills. I purchased a 5lb vertical stuffer, but I not sure if the attachment was the right size for the casing. I managed to get some casing on the smallest tube and get out some ropes. I had one blowout but I think I will have better luck next time. I was starting to get the hand of it. 



Napped them in the refer overnight and took them out for a bit this am for some drying and then into the #2. 




Did 2 hours at 120 no smoke then loaded up the AMNPS with some hickory and cherry dust. 


Then went 1 hour each at 135*, 150*, 165*, then 175* until IT of 165*. I am still new at this sausage stuff and this was chicken too so I wanted to take it a little higher on the IT. 





I was pleasantly surprised at how sausagey this tastes and how moist it is. I did add a bit of EEOV since I was worried about it being dry. I used straight chicken thighs with no extra fat of any kind. Of course, I left what fat there was on the thighs when I ground it up. I thought about adding some smoltz but went with EEOV. 


I liked these enough to consider doing these snack stick style.


Maybe some of you sausage experts can help me out. I'd like to make a snack stick that can survive at room temp in a vacuum sealed bag. I travel a ton during the week and would like to stash some in my bag for snacks. Any advice? 

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If you add ECA, (encapsulated citric acid) in the correct amount, it might lower the pH enough that they will be shelf stable... If I remember correctly, don't quote me, a pH of around 4.5 and lower, bacteria won't grow..

They look good.... If you are looking to get a smaller stuffing tube, you can make your own.... I have...

The brass tube works well.... Very thin wall... If you have a flaring tool, heat the end of the tube to anneal it several times during the flaring process so it doesn't split.... I added a brass washer to make the end larger... You can solder the washer to the tubing... use food safe solder...
I used 1/2" because it fit my flaring tool... other options are available if you don't have a flaring tool...$smthumb$
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Thanks Dave. I will continue to research this and read up on my Marianski book as well. 


If anyone is making room temp edible snack sticks or sausages I would be much obliged for your input and recipes. 

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I finally found where I read that part about being shelf stable.... NOW... there may be other criteria that makes that work... Good luck...
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Wow them sure look good. Nice job 



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