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How low can you go??

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Im looking at buying a propane smoker. Currently I think its going to be the Masterbuilt Elite from Cabelas but is found by just the Masterbuilt name.


I currently own a BGE and love everything about it except the volume I can put on.


I am not looking for this thing to take over smoking duties for my ribs, butts etc, just looking for more volume for meat sticks, kielbasa, summer sausages, sausages. bacon etc and other charcuteries.


Will these propane smokers get low enough to do the above items? I am looking at getting 170 -190F. Can they get that low? I cant find any information and have read tins of threads with no luck on that target temp.

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Yes, but you will have to do a Needle Valve Mod and build a three sided wind break so the very low flame is not blown out. I would suggest a Maverick ET732/733 Thermometer. It has a smoker temp probe with an alarm that goes off if the the flame goes out and the smoker temp drops below your set point...JJ

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Chef JJ referred to a three sided windbreak.   Here is my version of a windbreak on my GOSM.


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