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MES Mailbox Question

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I made my first mod to my MES 30" with a mailbox to hold the AMNPS. I did not use the standard mailbox as seen in many of the other post, I used a smaller square mailbox. I was wondering if the physical size of the mailbox makes a differance? Ive had some trouble getting a consistent burn on all 3 rows of the AMNPS and having a hard time finding my issue. If the physical size doesn't make a difference, them it must be air flow?


Any thoughts or input would be great.



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I think your problem probably is airflow. I drilled a 1" hole in both sides of mine (turned out to be too much), then covered half the holes with metal tape. Now I have a good draft. 


As long as your box has room for the AMNPS, with the airflow going in a generally upward direction, I don't think you'll have a problem.

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How do you know that the 1" holes were to much? What problems were you having with the 1" holes?



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I'm betting the flex exhaust comes out of the top of the Mail Box.... What happens, if that's what you did, is the smoke recirculates in the MB... recirculating smoke is lacking for oxygen and the burn will go out... Once through air.... in the front and out the back seems to work best... If you have room in the MB, you might be able to put a "diverter" inside of it... An interior tunnel, so to speak...

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I light off the pellets and the first row burns great. Once it reaches the corner, going to the second row, thats were I have my problem. It always seems to catch fire at that corner, like there is to much air flow or oxygen. 

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Pictures of your Mod would help greatly!!
Keep Smokin!!!
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Here is what I did... Sort of a copy on the inventor's install..... Pops started this.... What a guy....

And here is a Mail Box mod that was done a couple weeks ago when the kids had a day off from school..... The broken board, with the reflector on it, is 1/2" OSB... It was there to keep the snow plows from throwing snow and ice into the MB and keep from denting the poop out of it....

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If the problem is that it is catching back on fire, then yes, there is too much oxygen getting in. That's the reason I had to partially cover my 1" holes. You may have to experiment a bit and see what works for you.

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Thanks for the feedback guys, here's a couple pics of my mailbox mod. Look at the last picture, the one that shows the bottom of the mailbox. The side I'm having trouble with is at the top of the picture. It has the larger holes and the side seams are open. I will try closing the seams off first and see how my next burn goes. 



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I really like the looks of your mod, I hope you can make that work! Personally I would think you may not be getting enough air which would mean enlarging the holes some.


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