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Ive always used a beer can or stand to keep a whole chicken upright.I just saw a buddy of mine split the chicken came out pretty good any opinions or ideas on a great whole chicken
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I usually just set it on the grate, whole with my favorite rub, but I can be kind of lazy.
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I've done both and prefer the beer can method or using a double vertical stand since I usually do two whole chickens each time. 

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I like whole birds on a rotisserie set-up.....converted an old keg to work with one....Willie


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I like the rotisserie idea alot whats best temp to pull the chicken off before it dries out
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Spatchcocking is a great method for cooking chicken. Helps the bird cook evenly. No mater which method you use always cook your chicken to an IT of 165° measured either in the thigh or the breast.

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