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Storing everything

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I realize that I'm far from the smartest guy hanging around this forum, so I know that someone has probably already considered this. But for some of the newer guys, I thought I'd share something that I did that makes the grinding process pretty easy.


I found a lidded container big enough to store my grinder and some accessories, but I use that container to mix my ground meat and sausage spices, and also as a washtub for all of the parts that need cleaning. Since it is used as the washtub, it gets clean along with everything else. After everything is dry, it all gets put back up until next time, and everything is right where I need it.


(Sorry, I didn't take any pics of the mixing process):


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That's A darn good Idea. I need to do that with my smoking stuff. Right now the injector is in one place the thermo another and the list goes on. :points:

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Its' a multi-tasking container !:icon_biggrin:

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Good idea! That's kind of what I do. I got a bus tub from the restaurant supply that will fit under my grinder. I would guess it is 6" deep. I can't put a lid on it so I stick it in a trash bag.

Happy smoken.


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