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Home made Refactory

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I would like to get info on making 1-2 hundred lbs at a time. For building  a wood burning oven.


silica ?



Red clay? Powderd


Is there anything I'm missing? I'll be using a electric mixer.


Any insight on ingredients ratio's I'm all eye's........ wink


Thanks guys


alias Mike

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Good morning Mike,


Over the past couple weeks, I've also been doing a lot of research on ovens.   As far as refactory,  I've decided just to buy it.  Its super cheap and takes the guess work out of something that if it isn't right,  could  ruin months of work over the long haul.    Other may have ideas.  


  For something like this personally I'd rather be safe then sorry.   

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I think you can purchase refractory "cement" in bags... The manufacturer may have some info on what to do with it... like adding strands of stuff for strength... I surely don't know... With something like the castable below, maybe perilite or zonolite could be added to reduce the density... or even peat moss could be added.. then there would be air pockets to reduce the density after burnout... I have made "Tufa" and formed containers for plants.... light, porous etc...
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Like Wes I too have been doing a bunch of research on the subject, and I came to the same conclusion that for me at least, it is worth the price to just buy it. Especially when I factor in my time to source and purchase all the other items.

When you say electric mixer do you mean a barrel style concrete mixer or a mixer you attach to a drill and run in a bucket? The latter won't work well. The barrel style mixer will do okay, but make small batches if the motor is small. 25-50 pound batches max. If I was going to be mixing my own I'd probably go the tarp and shovel route.
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Thanks for the information guys. I found what I was looking for. Here's a couple site's you all might be interested in.

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