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So here are some updated pictures as we're drying.  A couple of them have lost almost 35% of there weight but are still a little soft so I'm gonna give them a couple more days. I should be pulling for a slicing shot very soon. 




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Looking good! Bring on the sliced shots!



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Nice, now for the killer shot



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Thanks guys. I'll be checking the one that lost 35% tonight for a hopefully little firmer and closer to 40%. My co-worker and I are dying to try these. It's gonna get cut tonight, so I'll update then.

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They look really good !!!!!!!!!!!

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Alright. So here's the money shot. This particular piece is a 38% loss and is still on the softer side oddly enough. The rest of the group is hanging a couple days more with the door slightly propped to allow the humidity out when the fridge runs for cooling.

It's very complex. I get the cinnamon towards the end and then a slight but noticeable warmth from the cayenne. It's really nice.

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Oh man they look great!

Now on my (long) list of of things to do. For what it's worth...I don't touch my salamis until at least 40%...taken some (depending on diameter) up to 55%. The 30% guideline is for safety only...I like mine REALLY dry.

Nice job!

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:popcorn  cheers.gif

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That is a terrific looking sausage!



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Looks incredible !! Great job amd thanks for sharing.  :points:

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Thanks everyone. Overall, he's happy with how it turned out. We'll make a few changes for next time around, but it was a good start.

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